This article will cover the basics regarding joining and running funds, a more detailed explanation of all the features and options will come later. For now we will focus on the most important factor for both Fund Managers and Investors. Please read the whitepaper on our website which covers the basic mechanics first, or much of this will not make sense.

Main Page

There are 3 sections in the application landing page :

· Open Funds: Currently open funds that have not started yet

· Active Funds: Currently running funds and no longer accepting contributions

· Ended Funds : Closed or aborted…

iGOV token

Control of both funds and critical features of the Unifund ecosystem will be given to holders of the iGOV token in the future. The ability to decide new base currencies, or for groups to be force-closed, should never be in the hands of one person or team. The iGOV token will allow us to implement many powerful features that we previously felt obligated to leave out to protect users from both fund managers, and from decisions by the Unifund team they may not agree with.

iGOV token is meant to be used within the Unifund system; its primary function is…

The last few days have been very hectic for us as a team. We expected some organic growth, but what we’ve seen in these days was something we surely did not expect.

We welcome all new fund managers and users/investors!

At the moment we’re sorting a lot of stuff out. But our main focus will be on the UI for the next coming weeks. There are some small UI-related issues and we want to make it way easier to follow and join funds on our website. …

What is each individual team member working on?

At the moment Jeff and Exizz are working on improving the UI. We’re working on a Twitter verification system, so fund managers can verify which Twitter account they’ve got. We want to give fund managers the option to become more transparent about who they are and what their track record is.

Mike is working on a snapshot IGOV voting system:

The snapshot will start our journey in the governance of Igov and Unifund. We will start shortly with the first proposal to vote on. …


Our new $iGOV token will be in control of funds and critical platform features. After an initial airdrop to iFUND holders, new tokens will only be issued through staking or yield farming.

iGOV will have a fee-on-transfer and yield farming has an early unstake penalty of 2%. Both of these fees will be put directly under the control of iGOV holders.

iGOV Distribution:

  • Initial supply: 500 $iGOV
  • Air drop amount: 427 $iGOV
  • Monthly inflation: 100 $iGOV


Anyone who had an $iFUND balance of 2000 or more tokens on November 18th at block number 11286500 will be eligible to claim one…

Official Press Release 11.06.2020

Unifund | $iFund is proud to announce the first Unifund Global Cryptocurrency Trading Competition with over 375K $iFund to be awarded in Prizes.

The competition will reward the top Fund Manager with a Grand Prize of 250K $iFUND at the end of the Competition Trading Period.

The competition will be host to the top international cryptocurrency traders, or Fund Managers, to be the first to trade using Unifund.Global’s innovative Trading Platform built for token trading upon the Uniswap DEX Protocol.

The competition will also feature over 125K in prizes rewarding early-bird RSVP/Registrants both Investors &. Fund…

Make us laugh or cry out loud and Win 15,000 $iFund

With Unifund’s 1st Annual Global Trading Competition on the horizon, we decided it was the perfect time to have a little Community fun with a MEME Contest focused on this months theme: Unifund Trading Competition & Geopolitical Events (ie. U.S Election, Global Politics, Great RESET!)


  • MEME is creative, proprietary (& borderline) appropriate to share.
  • MEME fit’s this months theme: Unifund’s Trading Competition meets Geopolitics & World Events (U.S Election for example)
  • MEME must be submitted by a) Direct Message to @TeamUnifund on Telegram b) Posted in the Official Unifund Meme Telegram c) Posted in the Discord Channel posted in…

UNIFUND staking will be split into 3 phases.

Under our old branding many promises were made, and we intend to keep them all. Some of these promises were rooted in personal beliefs rather than what’s “right” for the product. Going forward, we will put the long term success of the product above all else in our decision-making process. In order to do that while keeping true to previous promises about features and timelines, we will be splitting staking into 3 phases.

Phase One — Standard lock up

Starting on October 16th at 6pm EST our staking page will reactivate and begin accepting deposits. …

During our recent contract change we added some new features to the group manager contract:

  • Token burn mechanics
  • A new staking system
  • Description field when creating groups
  • Group contribution minimum removed
  • Group contribution maximum added

Burn system

Half of a group’s entry fees are now burned when that group starts making our token deflationary. Previously, half of the fees went into the staking pool to help sustain it for longer. Now that we’re using a different staking payout curve, we think this makes the most sense. It will also increase the long term value prospects of the project.

Staking Changes

We’re getting rid of our old staking system and using an established contract that is…

As part of our migration event that happened this week, we decided it was the perfect time for a rebranding based on community feedback. Moving forward Unipump will now be known as UNIFUND Global.

If you missed Operation Flying Carpet and aren’t sure exactly what happened don’t worry, a full write up covering what happened and how it went will be posted soon. First, we want to push forward on our rebranding efforts as quickly as possible, so we can start updating our sites and social feeds.

Old Logo

Calling all designers!

The migration showed us how amazing of a community we have, and we…


A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Mutual Fund Trading Platform for the open creation of trustless social trading groups utilizing Uniswap Protocol Tokens.

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